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Exhibition Voice Boilex Asia And Pumps & Valves Asia
   “Pumps and Valves Asia provides us with an excellent opportunity to display our latest pump and valve technology as well as our innovative products and services in the area of digitalization or mechanical seals. The exhibition also provides an attractive platform for KSB to meet existing and of course new potential clients.”
   “The 2019 show is a very impressive exhibition. I have personally brought something for my business and further business discussions will continue after the show.”
 “Boilex Asia is the most comprehensive exhibition of Boiler Technology and brings us many visitors who come from both local and overseas.”
 “We come here because this is the only specialized Boiler Show in Thailand and being present is a must. We will present our new boiler system and the most innovative smart boiler control system which will help Thailand achieve its 4.0 targets that many visitors have already expressed interest in and are looking for further information.”
We always have high expectations for Boilex Asia because it’s a powerful show that brings us new customers and a variety of increased business opportunities. A big plus is having the event co-located with ASEAN Sustainable Energy Week and in conjunctin with Pmps & Valves Asia 2016. The shows are all associated and can play off each other to create new business.
KC Mahanakorn has participated in Pumps and Valves Asia for many years. One of the reasons for this is our long-term marketing plan matches the event most appropriately. We want to show our company progress to the market on a continuous basis. Since 2014 event Item Engineering, our affiliated company, exhibited at Pumps & Valves Asia for the first time. Pumps and Valves Asia is particularly well-organised and we have been well satisfied with the number and quality of visitors. The environment and atmosphere of the exhibition is also international and professional.
Boilex Asia is a most exciting event and provides the opportunity for STIT to share the latest information with our valued customers. 2016 year’s show introduced our newest models along with up-to-the- minute technology for the boiler market. We also look forward to improving relations with our many customers at the event. This year Boilex Asia will co-located with ASEAN Sustainable Energy Week and in conjunction with Pumps & Valves Asia 2016. Combining the events is a great idea and enables suppliers and customers to meet at one place under the same roofsaving the time and expense of travel.
C.R.Group is cooperated with high quality brands Frog pump, HCP pump and Firman, we realize that we can meet potential and professional customers through this professional exhibition. Not only to promote the brand and products’ quality, but also to grab what customers’ requirement to ease their life. Those will push us to continue improving our products and services.

Mr. Kaiwen Lin, CEO
Shanghai Kaiquan Pump (Group) Co., Ltd.

The PUMPS & VALVES ASIA 2017 gives us a good opportunity to show our PUMP products and related technologies to all Asian customers. We are very pleased to have such a platform to give us strong support and assistance for doing the localization. Looking forward to the successful of PUMPS & VALVES ASIA 2018.

Mr. Vinai Kamchokechai
Executive Vice President (EVP), K C Mahanakorn Co., Ltd.

In global business today, we have to communicate with our target group with both online and offline marketing. BX-PV 2018 is our major offline marketing that we believe it is good opportunity to do face to face communication with customers. With our new products and new partners, our expertise need to do more explanation to visitors. We will offer visitors the energy saving concept with our products and experiences. They can get information and ideas for making improvement and cost-reduction in their business or production. As well, we look forward to welcome the massive of visitors as last show in 2016.
Mr. Prasarn Jitpratak
Vice President, Getabec Public Company Limited.

GETABEC is one of boiler manufacturing. All our boiler is under international standard (TUV, ASME) Not only Thailand market, we also export to ASEAN country, South Asia, Africa and some European country. Our new boiler communication system, it will change your exist boiler to smart boiler. When you are not in factory. If there is something happened to your boiler, it will be shown on your smart phone. We also special in waste that it can be used as fuel such as Bi-o Gas, Waste gas, Vinasse and another. Thank you for this exhibition. That it bring us to see you, more and more visitor come. It is not only Thai. There are many foreigner also.

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