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‘Smart Pumping Business Solutions’

The Thai pumps & valves market presents exciting growth potential across the entire region. The country offers great market opportunities for pumps & valves manufacturers, and distributors due to expanding growth in sectors such as automotive, chemicals, construction, electric & electronic, water and waste-water management. Food processing, power plus oil & gas are other key areas.

The growing industries that are in demand for smart pumps and valves that have the ability to combine greater efficiencies with sensors and software that regulate and control flow and pressure. Smart pumps and valves ensure business profitability by collecting and managing real-time information on system performance enabling organizations to make better and more accurate decisions.

The oil and gas industry is leading the way toward smart pumps & valves. Connecting to a network enables distributed control, which can allow operators to reconfigure piping and networking systems so that a field can continue producing -  even if there is a blockage in, or damage to, the actual pipeline network.

Automotive, Food Processing, Energy, Water & Wastewater and Chemical manufacturers are now moving and investing in smart pumps and valve technology which is connected to the industrial internet of things (IIoT) this enables real-time monitoring in the production line improving productivity and reducing downtime.

Construction is another sector with direct link to the growing demand for industrial pumps and valves. This is due to increasing government investment in infrastructure projects and booming private construction projects such as Condominiums, Shopping Malls, Hotels, Residential and factory construction.

Growing demand will result in further need for industrial pumps, and valves. As a result, PUMPS & VALVES ASIA 2019 will present outstanding business opportunities and is a must for your marketing plan of 2019.

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