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Exhibitor Presentations
10.15-11.00 Room A Exhibition Hall 104
Speaker: Mr. Daniel
Organised by: INTEC Engineering GmbH
Synopsis: Green power generation sludge treatment, MSW, Solutions, individual concepts waste-to-energy
Language: English
Presentation :  

Innovative of Boiler Technology
10.15-11.00 Room B Exhibition Hall 101
Speaker: Mr. Shyam Lokhande
Organised by: Thermax Limited
Language: English

Reliable Hybrid Power Supply System CrossPower
11.15-12.00 Room A Exhibition Hall 104
Speaker: Mr. René Neubauer
Organised by: PFISTERER Kontaktsysteme GmbH
Synopsis: CrossPower is a hybrid power generation system based on renewable energy that provides energy to remote areas without grid connection where it is needed most. It replaces conventional power supply systems based on pure Diesel generator sets and saves fossil fuel consumption up to 80 %. It is a scalable system from 25 kW to 10 MW and incorporates an energy storage system with a sound battery and energy management system for most efficient operating conditions. 
Language: English

Introduction of Pressure Safety Relief Valve
11.15-12.00 Room B Exhibition Hall 101
Speaker: Mr. Wanchai Ranttamasanapapai

Introduction to terminology, codes and standards, design and operation of pressure Safety  relief valves

Language: Thai

The Internet of Things for Building Automation & Energy
13.30-14.15 Room A Exhibition Hall 104
Speaker: Mr. Rajpall Singh
Organised by: EcoCOOL Saves Co.,Ltd.
Synopsis: Around the world and across a variety of industries, more and more devices like HVAC, Lighting, Lift’s, Escalators, Generators, Access Systems and many more are coming “on line”. With the right control and monitoring technology, by properly connecting these devices, and appropriately collecting and analyzing the data that they produce, organizations will have the opportunity to deliver better performance, cut energy costs and increase profitability.
Language: English

13.30-14.15 Room B Exhibition Hall 101
Speaker: Mr.Shreyas A.Sule
Organised by:



Honeywell Thermal Solutions with Boonyium and Associates ltd. We’re comprehensive solutions for the most complex combustion through commercial and industrial heating applications. Now The Combustion solutions powered by SLATETM for boiler application, that legendary quality is available for end user with aging boiler systems, downtime is more frequent, the cost of maintenance and repairs goes up, safety and compliance become greater risk – all of which can impact budgets that are already under greater security. Engineered to Order team can help.

Language: English

PV 3.0, 300W+ Module Leading the way
14.30-15.15 Room A Exhibition Hall 104
Speaker: Dr. Hongbing Fang
Organised by: LONGi Solar Technology Co.,Ltd
Synopsis: The global PV industry has experienced the PV 1.0 era and PV 2.0 era. As it progresses, the industry calls for faster pace to achieve high-efficiency, high-reliability and high-returns on investment. Therefore, LONGi Solar launches the Era of PV 3.0.
Language: English

Multi tube Once-Through Boiler and Absorption Chiller
14.30-15.15 Room B Exhibition Hall 101
Speaker: Mr. Jun Kawasaki
Organised by: Boonyium And Associates, Ltd.
Synopsis: We would like to introduce several products with higher efficiency. We believe our products with advanced technology will contribute to much more energy saving  for customers in Thailand.
Language: English

Independent and sustainable engineering in the field of biogas power plant - in South East Asia - State of the Art Technology Made in Germany
15.30-16.15 Room A Exhibition Hall 104
Speaker: Ilona Paulick
Organised by: ALENSYS Engineering GmbH
Synopsis: our company is the provision of engineering and planning services in the sectors of renewable energies, waste water treatment and environmental protection, in particular for the erection of plants for generation and utilization of biogas, for aerobic and anaerobic waste water treatment, as well as plants for combined heat and power usage. Create something new – therein lies our passion. With it our client’s wishes and imaginations take centre point.
Language: English

Green Green Boiler Technology
15.30-16.15 Room B Exhibition Hall 101
Speaker: Mr. Jongkwan Yim
Organised by: Marketing Part (DAELIM ROYAL ENP (Thailand)
Synopsis: The advanced green technology, high efficiency, and robust durability of Boiler
Language: Thai / English

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