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Exhibitor Presentations
Biogas Technology
10.30-11.15 Room A Exhibition Hall 104
Speaker: Dr. Stephen Etheridge, CEO
Organised by: Biotrix Asia & PlanET Biogastechnik
Synopsis: The presentation will review the latest opportunities for biogas production in the key regional industrial sectors including Starch, Palm Oil, Ethanol, Food Production and Animal Wastes and the options available to most cost effectively convert those opportunities into attractive revenue streams.
Language: English

Amiad Filtration New products and solutions
10.30-11.15 Room B Exhibition Hall 101
Speaker: Mr. Eyal Avriel, Filtration product manager and business development
Organised by: Aqua Control System Co.,Ltd.
Synopsis: Amiad water systems is one of the biggest inventor of new automatic backwash water filters …in the world, on my short presentation we will show some of our new technologies and application we successfully used them around the world.
Language: English

Towards to Zero Energy Building
11.30-12.15 Room A Exhibition Hall 104
Speaker: Mr. Katsuhiko Yamamoto, General Manager
Organised by: Japanese Business Alliance for Smart Energy Worldwide (ZEB dissemination WG)
Synopsis: In order to achieve COP21 requirements for reduction of global warming gas, we need to have drastic measures not only industries but also buildings. One of the sector we should deal with is building sectors. Zero Energy Building is the key. But usually there are many difficulties on finance and technologies in order to realize net Zero Energy Buildings. We will introduce the step by step approach to achieve Zero Energy Buildings, that is, “ZEB Family concept” which is consist of Net ZEB, Nearly ZEB and ZEB ready.
Language: English

New Products and how to selection
11.30-12.15 Room B Exhibition Hall 101
Speaker: Mr. Izik Goldenberg
Organised by: Aqua Control System Co.,Ltd.
Synopsis: -
Language: English

From Digital to AI Enabled Smart PV Solution
13.15-14.00 Room A Exhibition Hall 104
Speaker: Mr. Nitinan Pooltananan, Technical Manager of Huawei Smart PV Thailand
Organised by: BayWa r.e. Solar Systems Co., Ltd.
Synopsis: Introduction of the challenges in rooftop projects including self-consumption, provate PPA, and how Huawei’s solution bring digital and AI solution to create more value to customer
Language: Thai

“Trenchless rehabilitation of pressure pipes”
13.15-14.00 Room B Exhibition Hall 101
Speaker: Mr. Peter Lorenz, International Account Manager
Organised by: Primus Line
Synopsis: Primus Line is specialized in rehabilitating failing pressure mains that reach the end of their useful life without disruptive and expensive civil works in CBD, motorways, airports or river crossings. The liner with minimal hydraulic losses can easily navigate many bends with a high degree of sustainability and minimal environmental disruption.
Language: English

PV Cable
14.15-15.00 Technical Presentation Room A Exhibition Hall 104
Speaker: Mr. Wattana Rojanavitoon, Field Application Engineering Manager
Organised by: Phelps Dodge International (Thailand)
Synopsis: Phelps Dodge International (Thailand) Limited is producing the top-notch products serving the international markets, including Power Industry, Construction Industry, Oil and Gas Industry, Mining Industry, and Communication Industry with the strong network in Europe ,North America, Asia, and Africa. We had been applied for concerning quality standards and achieved many quality standards including ISO 9001:2015 from UL (USA), ISO 14001:2015 and OHSAS 18001:2015, as well as other world class standards. Our World Class products are including High Voltage Power Cable, Medium Voltage Power Cables, Building Wire and Bare Conductor, Telecommunication Cables and Low Voltage Power and Control Cables. We also provide PV Cable for solar system and Fire Resistant and Low Smoke Halogen Free cables for special area which is under the fire conditions.
Language: English

Huawei fusion home for residential / home rooftop
15.15-16.00 Technical Presentation Room A Exhibition Hall 104
Speaker: Mr. Nitinan Pooltanan, Technical Manager
Organised by: Huawei Polytechnology Co.,Ltd.
Synopsis: Huawei Solar inverter launch for residential and home rooftop
Language: English

ESS (Energy Storage System) is the future in Thailand.
14.15-15.00 Room B Exhibition Hall 101
Speaker: Mr. Neil Yu, Product Manager
Organised by: TC Renewable Energy
Synopsis: According to the status of grid in Thailand, proposed the new ESS technical solution, ESS application and development tred
Language: English

15.15-16.00 Room B Exhibition Hall 101
Speaker: Mr. Alessio Costanzo, Export Area Manger
Organised by: RITMO SPA
Synopsis: ALL TERRAIN Line and TRAILER Line are Pipe and Fittings FUSION Machines designed to face the toughest working conditions. All machines are built according to the International standards ISO 21307 HIGH PRESSURE. This enhances productivity with a welding time saving up to 60%.
ALL TERRAIN is Self-contained with on-board generator powered by a low-vibration diesel/gasoline engine and equipped with steering wheels and traction. The EASY LIFE welding system: “to simplify the work in the jobsite avoiding human mistakes”; Easy Life is “Wi-Fi” ready and works with the App “SET & GO - PRO”. Working range from 75 ÷ 1000 mm.
Language: English

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