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SMART BOILERS AND PUMPS - A Game-Changing Technology in Moving Toward a Green Factory Future!

The Thai manufacturing industry is regaining momentum and has begun to travel the road to recovery after improvements in output and orders in the last few months. In the response, and in building resilience for a sustainable approach, the industrial sector is now accelerating the use of digital, smart technology and Internet of Things (IOT) - game-changing emerging technology in moving toward a Carbon Neutral or Green Factory future with an emphasis on green industrial innovation to support the environment.Smart Boilers and Smart Pumps & Valves is a game-changing emerging technology in providing innovative capabilities such as proactive maintenance, reduced downtime, energy saving, cost saving, and detailed analytics which can lead to reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. BOILEX ASIA AND PUMPS & VALVES ASIA 2022 is the most comprehensive and specialized international exhibition and conferences and will provide needed solutions. The show will feature smart technologies and innovations in industrial boilers, pumps, valves, seals and other major processing components.

Embracing Sustainability through green and smart factories

If you are seeking Smart Boilers and Smart Pumps & Valves to improve your business and operation performance, as well as lower greenhouse gas emissions then this is a must attend show for you!

Industry's News

The Industrial Sector has an enormous carbon footprint. Production and logistics operations account for more than half of all carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e) emissions from fuel combustion. Factories are implenneiting initiatives to decarbonize their operations. Green and smart manufacturing will be the future path for industrial transformation and upgrade. From the environmental dimension of sustainable manufacturing, transforming into smart factories will help reduce costs and improve efficiencies, output, and product quality. This leads to increased revenue, a stronger competi-tive edge, and most of all, reduced environmental impact.

This development is in line with the Thai Ministry of Industry's efforts to speed up BCG policy which is aimed at creating economic prosperity, social security and an environment for sustainable development; in particular to elevate factory operators into a "Green industry by 2025".

The implementation of the government's BCG Model development policy in the industrial sector, namely Bio Economy, Circular Economy, and Green Economy, will help to increase value and competitiveness as well reduce the generation of waste by maximizing the effective use of resources.


Industrial's Voice

TOZEN's products are in the stainless-steel expansion and flexible joint range. We offer a wide range of products to meet a variety of requirements and needs. Pumps & Valves Asia 2020 is the largest and specialist event that fit with our product's profile. We continue to exhibit this event in order to offer our high quality to the target audience. So far the feedback from the show has been exceeded our expectations. With the current economic and situation, visitors may be worried and will not come to the show but visitors that visit the show are those with the intention of buying and have requested us a lot of information about our products.

Mr. Kendy Chan
Managing Director
Tozen Industrial Co., Ltd.

Pumps & Valves Asia is a specialized exhibition and because it attracts a lot of trade visitors we decided to launch and promote a new product brand to which we have been recently appointed. TN Group is a major distributor of specialized pumps for fire and sanitation. At the show we will provide know-how and also introduce applications that meet our customers' most demanding requirements.

Mr. Prawit Phaphant
Sale Manager, Water pump department
TN Group

This is the largest specialized exhibition on pumps and valves in ASEAN. It is an important platform that showcases our products directly to target customers. At the last edition in the post COVID-19, the show exceeded expectations and attracted a great number of quality visitors. We received many top sales leads from trade visitors who visited our stand. I am very satisfied with the event.

Ms. Patcharaporn Prajaksoot
Sales Engineer
Kuraray (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Co-located partnership in success!

The show is Co-located with ASEAN SUSTAINABLE ENERGY WEEK (ASE) - ASEAN's Largest & Most Comprehensive Renewable Energy, Energy Efficiency, Environmental and Electric Vehicle Technology Exhibition. The show features technology that is closely related which provides significant benefits to exhibitors in terms of expanding business opportunity and attracting quality visitor profiles across the board.

Co-located with Tissue & Paper 2022, Bangkok. This is the ASEAN's leading show serving the global pulp, paper, packaging, and related industries. It gathers key industry players with the latest innovation, industrial trends, and offerings of cutting - edge products and services through its exhibitions and conference. It is set to attract and host thousands of industry professionals who will provide outstanding additional business opportunities for exhibitors at Boilex Asia & Pumps and Valves Asia: A new source customer base from a greater variety of industries.

Top companies and brands at Pumps & Valves Asia previous edition

Approaching to enhanced health and safety standards at PUMPS & VALVES ASIA following COVID-19

We recognize the importance of the epidemic control measures that come with Covid-19. This will ensure the health and safety of all attendees; screening measures and procedures have been prepared. These new guidelines and best practices aim to not only give you peace of mind but also help ensure a hygienic, productive, and organized event experience.

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